Holzer Permaculture

What is Holzer Permaculture?

Sepp Holzer's Permaculture is a natural form of agriculture; Agriculture based on the cycles and interactions in nature.  These strategies have proven that working in harmony with nature is not only ecologically beneficial, but also be economically successful.


"Learn to speak with Nature.  Learn to assess her accurately.

Ask yourself what she offers you."


Natural thinking, living, and working provide not only the basis for Holzer Permaculture but also a perspective which permeates all areas of life.  The goal is for our fellow human beings to take responsibility and courageously advocate to preserve a livable planet.  It's valuable to question our fast paced development, to think ahead instead of following the masses without questioning.


"Ask nature, your land, your water, and your animals,

if they  feel comfortable with your stewardship."


This involves all facets of agriculture.  The responsible handling of our fellow creatures and resources is our highest priority.  In addition to farming, animal husbandry, fruit growing, aquaculture, horticulture, and agro-forestry we work to regenerate and renature landscapes.  This includes the building of terraces, raised beds, water gardens, soil reservoirs, dry and wet biomes, ponds, etc in order to create special micro-climates.


This multi-layered land management system is built upon ecological communities and interactions with nature.  This allows each person to create his or her own life strategy and implement it.

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