Welcome to Holzer Permaculture
Envision living in a state of harmony with nature. Every day you are pleasantly greeted by the tremendous resources, possibilities, and vitality that surrounds us.  The evidence of anthropomorphic ecosystem degradation is clear.  Having a strategy to regenerate these landscapes into a state of abundance provides a bright path for the future.
What is Holzer Permaculture?
Holzer Permaculture is the synergy of Environmentalism and Agriculture; regenerating the landscape in accordance with Nature.  This provides great abundance with minimal effort.  Wildlife also benefits as there is plenty for all living beings.
Environmental destruction, degradation farming, agro-chemical food, poor health, and "natural" disasters have become the norm.  Our society operates under the perception that human beings and nature are separate.  Human systems do not, and cannot, exist outside of natural systems.  Holzer Permaculture is a solutions based approach that addresses these problems.
Indigenous groups learned how to tend the landscape in a manner that provided for all of their needs while also improving the health and fertility of the Earth.  This was the logical approach.  To destroy the land which supports you is to destroy yourself.
Sepp Holzer has a lifetime of experience with these techniques and a vision to regenerate the planet.  Holzer Permaculture seeks to spread the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to regenerate the planet, providing both training and examples.  For more see our About Page